Up All Ignite: What to Expect at Microsoft Ignite 2021

We didn't start the fire, but Microsoft did with their annual conference for developers and IT professionals called Microsoft Ignite. Lucky for you, this year Microsoft Ignite is all digital, meaning the event is completely free! It starts TODAY, November 2nd, and ends on November 4th. Keep reading to learn the top focuses of Ignite 2021 and get the down-low on the best events to attend.

Main Focuses

If you've been paying attention to the world of Microsoft news, you may have heard about Windows 11, the newest operating system that was released on October 5th. As expected, Windows 11 will be one of the biggest topics at Ignite this year with over 30 sessions covering the OS. With offerings like "Windows 11: 11 Things Every Organization Should Know" and "Accelerate the Windows 11 journey with Microsoft Managed Desktop," your IT department can learn how to best implement Windows 11 for your company.

Additionally, Azure Application Development will be a focus of Ignite. Microsoft release the Developer's Guide to Ignite 2021, that maps out the best sessions for developers. Top picks from the sessions include "Azure Communication Services - The Future of Notifications" and "Microsoft Into Focus: Digital & App Innovation."

With Microsoft Teams being the top collaborative tool for companies, it's no shock that Teams will also be featured at Ignite. Sessions will discuss how Teams helps organizations connect, collaborate, and work with full context in the new era of flexible and hybrid work. In Microsoft's blog post highlighting Teams sessions, they recommended "Microsoft Teams: Thrive with Hybrid Work." Many organizations are wondering "What is our path forward?" as we enter the hybrid work era. A big part of that answer is Microsoft Teams. This session explores the upcoming landscape for Microsoft Teams and outlines why Teams is the place to be for hybrid work.

Finally comes Windows 365. It has been out for a little while now, released back in August, but these sessions have fantastic deep-dives into this new technology. The most in-depth sessions is "Windows 365: Windows in the cloud for hybrid work." Windows 365 makes hybrid work easy— on any device. In this session, explore Windows 365 and see the latest enhancements since general availability in August. From supporting Windows 11 adoption to integrations with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, this session will cover features, use cases, and more!

Still wondering why you should attend Ignite 2021? Just register! It's completely free and allows you to save sessions to your "backpack." Want to attend that session about Microsoft Teams but have a conflicting meeting? No worries — if the session is saved to your backpack, you can watch it on-demand when the event is over. There are no downsides to registering! Take a look at the session catalog, bookmark some speakers that interest you, and add Satya Nadella's keynote to your calendar. We hope to see you there!