Give your data an extra level of security with Entra multifactor authentication


What is Entra multifactor authentication?

Entra multifactor authentication is Microsoft's two-step verification solution that safeguards access to your organization's data and applications while meeting user demand for a simple sign-in process. It delivers strong authentication using a range of verification methods.

MFA works by requiring two or more of the following methods to authenticate:
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Something you know

One method of authentication can include something you know, such as a password.

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Something you have

Another method of authentication can include something you have, such as a trusted device that is not easily duplicated, like a phone.

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Something you are

You can also authenticate by using something you are with biometrics like a fingerprint or face scan.

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How can Entra multifactor authentication help your organization?

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Get more security with fewer hoops

Safeguard access to your employees' sensitive data and apps and get strong authentication with a range of easy verification options.


Mitigate threats with real-time monitoring and alerts

Protect your business by identifying inconsistent sign-in patterns and enable live alerts that can help notify your IT team of suspicious account credentials.

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Deploy on-premises or on Azure

Secure remote access apps using RADIUS and LDAP authentication.

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Recognitions and certifications

Synergy Technical has been accredited with several partner recognitions.

Microsoft FastTrack Ready Partner

Microsoft FastTrack Ready Partner

FastTrack is a combination of resources, engineering expertise, and best practices that ensures you have the most efficient deployment & adoption possible.

Cloud Immersion Experience facilitators

Cloud Immersion Experience facilitators

As one of Microsoft's top CIE partners, we have experience showcasing the benefits of Microsoft productivity and security solutions.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner

Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner

We have earned competencies in Productivity, Cloud Platform, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Collaboration, and Devices & Deployment.

Our proven experience

Our proven experience

  • Deployed over 3M seats of Office 365, Microsoft 365, & Microsoft EMS
  • Customers in all 50 states
  • Experience in 70+ countries

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