Safeguard personal data & build a privacy-resilient workplace with Microsoft Priva

Employee using Microsoft Priva to evaluate where personal data is stored, how this data flows, and personal data trends over time

What is Microsoft Priva?

Microsoft Priva streamlines privacy management by storing, processing, and disposing of personal information in compliance with local and global regulations. Privacy is top of mind for organizations and consumers today, and concerns about how private data is handled are steadily increasing. Priva helps your organization achieve your privacy goals by keeping up with ever-changing and complex privacy requirements in one place.

What can you do with Microsoft Priva?

Gain better insights about your data using the Overview dashboard and the data profile

Get automatic analytics & updates about your data so you can better understand privacy issues in your organization & identify actions to remediate them.

Priva can work hand in hand with Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager

Compliance Manager offers data protection & privacy assessment templates that correspond to compliance regulations & industry standards.

Efficiently fulfill personal data requests with Priva Subject Rights Requests

Process data subject requests with automated data discovery, conflict detection, in-place review, & secure collaboration.

Manage privacy risks at scale using Priva Privacy Risk Management

Detect risks, establish policies & processes for remediation, & directly notify your users about issues & recommended actions to take.

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How can Microsoft Priva help your organization?

Employee using Microsoft Priva to discover open and over-privileged personal data in the organization Coworkers evaluating personal data, receiving alerts when policy matches are detected, and setting up email notifications to users

Identify & resolve privacy risks

Assess your organization's privacy posture and proactively find and resolve privacy risks like data hoarding, data transfers, and data oversharing. 

Coworkers securely collaborating to complete subjects rights requests

Automate subjects rights requests

Provide your organization with the capability to automate data subject rights fulfillment with easy access to relevant data and customizable workflows that fit into existing business processes.

Admin showing her team key analytics and insights to understand the privacy issues and associated risks in their organization Admin evaluating where personal data in the organization is stored, flowed, and trends over time Employee using Microsoft Priva insights to help understand privacy issues in the organization and to identify actions to remediate them

Empower employees to make smart data handling decisions

Increase awareness of privacy requirements and risks with privacy training and automated reminders to review and delete obsolete items.

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Protect personal data and keep up with ever-changing and complex privacy requirements.

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We offer assessments, engagements, design & configuration, and more. Each resulting in a roadmap to success for your digital transformation.

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Our proven experience

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