Let us give you a hands-on session & learn to secure your organization

The Microsoft Security Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) is an introduction to Microsoft's suite of security tools. It demonstrates how to use the vast array of Microsoft controls to manage a secure, compliant, and privacy-sensitive environment.

What's included in the Security Customer Immersion Experience?

In a Meeting-Aug-30-2021-08-25-28-48-AM
In this workshop guided by a trained facilitator you will:


  • Learn how to configure the Microsoft security tools to meet your needs
  • Get hands on experience with the tools you may already own & explore tools to meet your security strategy


  • Discover key changes affecting personal privacy, controls, notifications, transparent policies, IT, and training
  • See and experience how Microsoft 365 simplifies your journey to compliance & learn next steps for your company to be ready for evolving regulations across assess, protect, and response