Synergy Technical offers ClipTraining to all CSP and Managed Services Customers

In today's fast-paced world, businesses must stay ahead of the curve by leveraging the latest tools and technologies. At Synergy Technical, we recognize the importance of empowering our clients to maximize their investments in Microsoft Cloud Services, and that's why we offer ClipTraining as a valuable benefit to all our CSP and Managed Services customers. In this blog, we will explore the significance of ClipTraining and how it enhances the capabilities of your teams.

Picture of employee with team manager looking into the various comprehensive training programs offered to users to learn Microsoft 365 and other cloud services.

What is ClipTraining?

ClipTraining is a comprehensive training program specifically designed to provide users with the knowledge needed to make the most of Microsoft 365 and other cloud services. It offers a variety of courses covering various aspects of these services, from basic to advanced levels. Our goal is to ensure that your employees not only have the necessary skills but are confident in utilizing the full potential of the tools at their disposal.

A Valuable Benefit

Choosing Synergy Technical means choosing a service provider that goes above and beyond. By including ClipTraining as a benefit of your contract, we demonstrate our commitment to providing you with exceptional value. Let's explore why ClipTraining is a game-changer for your organization:

  • Enhanced Productivity: Invest in training to significantly boost your workforce's productivity. Proficient users can work more efficiently and make better use of the tools available to them. 
  • Cost Savings: Training employees can be a costly endeavor if pursued separately. With ClipTraining as part of the package, our clients can save both time and resources that would be spent on additional training programs. 
  • Reduced Downtime: Knowledgeable users are less likely to encounter issues or make mistakes while using Microsoft 365 and other cloud services. This leads to reduced downtime and better overall system performance. 
  • Improved Security: Well-trained users are less susceptible to security breaches. ClipTraining includes modules on best practices for security, helping organizations to maintain a robust cybersecurity posture. 
Picture of employee discussing what they have learned through the training modules offered by Clip Training.

What to Expect from ClipTraining

Our ClipTraining program covers a wide array of topics, including: 

  • Microsoft 365: From mastering the basics of Outlook to advanced SharePoint collaboration techniques, we have you covered. 
  • Security Awareness: Understand the importance of cybersecurity and learn how to protect your organization from threats. 
  • Productivity Tools: Discover tips and tricks to streamline your workflow using tools like Microsoft Teams and OneDrive. 
  • Azure: Delve into the world of cloud computing with Azure courses that cater to beginners and experts alike. 
What’s New in 2024?

ClipTraining is continually evolving and expanding. In 2024, they’re introducing new content channels focused on improving both personal well-being and professional skills. These expert insights cover a range of topics, including stress and anxiety management, fostering positive workplace relationships, relaxation and mindfulness, diet, and nutrition tips, incorporating physical activity into your work routine, and optimizing your sleep for better work performance.

How to Get Started

Getting started with ClipTraining is a breeze for our CSP and Managed Services customers. Simply reach out to our dedicated support team, and they will guide you through the process of accessing the training portal. From there, you can explore the extensive library of courses and select the ones that align with your organization's needs.


At Synergy Technical, we view our clients' success as our own. By offering ClipTraining as a valuable benefit of our CSP and Managed Services contracts, we empower our clients to harness the full potential of Microsoft Cloud Services. The benefits are clear – enhanced productivity, cost savings, improved security, and a more satisfied workforce. We are committed to supporting our clients in their journey towards digital transformation, and ClipTraining is just one of the many ways we deliver on that promise. Invest in your team's success today with Synergy Technical's ClipTraining program. Together, we can achieve more in 2024 and beyond.



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