How to Create Avatars in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft recently released the ability to use avatars in Microsoft Teams when your camera is off. An important note is that avatars do not track your face, nor do they require a camera on to mimic your movement, so these do not process any personal data. Instead, you can react with emojis that your avatar will act out!

Create Avatar During a Teams Meeting

Picture of Microsoft Teams meeting screenshot showing how to create Avatars using "effects and avatars" feature

1) Join a meeting and turn your camera off. Under more, select "Effects and avatars."

Picture of Microsoft Teams meeting screenshot showing Avatars that are already created

2) If you already have an avatar created, this is where you can turn it on and also edit it. If not, you will be able to create your avatar. Microsoft allows you to have up to three stored, so you can have one for each situation!

Picture of Microsoft Teams meeting screenshot showing how to react using your own Avatar

This is also where you can choose avatar reactions. These reactions are a great way to display engagement during a meeting even if your camera is off.

How to create Avatar in Microsoft Teams

Picture of Microsoft Teams meeting screenshot showing how to find avatar feature in search bar

1) In your Teams application search bar, type "avatar" and select the Avatars application by Microsoft.

Picture of Microsoft Teams screenshot showing how to create and customize Avatar using the Avatar builder tool

2) If you have not created an avatar before or want to create another one, you will be met with this screen. Don't worry about picking the base avatar that best fits you, once you select one you are able to customize every little detail.

Once you've created an avatar, you don't need to save it anywhere. Simply change applications and the virtual version of you will be ready whenever you want to use it next!



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