Highlighting Synergy Technical's 2023 Community Outreach

Discover the highlights and impact of Synergy Technical's 2023 community outreach program in this recap. From major events to regular program initiatives, explore the tangible differences made and the heartwarming stories of individuals positively affected. Also, take a look at what's to come in the 2024:

Picture of employees from Synergy Technical volunteering for a Community Outreach event called the Ultimate Backpack Supply Drive where the event aimed to provide underprivileged children with essential school supplies and backpacks filled with educational materials.

Exploring the Standout Events of 2023

Throughout the year, Synergy Technical's community outreach program participated in several standout events that defined its impact. One of the key events was the Thinking Big with Big Data event by GiSTEM, where we served as the technical sponsor. This event featured multiple RCPS student experiences, including speed networking with industry professionals, coding, AI models, graphic design, and much more.

Picture of employees from Synergy Technical Delivery team attending the Thinking Big with Data event by GiSTEM where Synergy Technical served as the technical sponsor.

Another significant event was Microsoft-sponsored STEAM Day, where we volunteered our tech support. The day was dedicated to promoting science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics education among local students. Microsoft organized interactive workshops, hands-on activities, and inspiring talks to ignite students' curiosity and passion for these fields. The event was tremendously successful, with hundreds of students and adults participating and discovering their potential in STEAM disciplines.

In addition to these events, Synergy Technical's outreach program also helped in the Unpacking Holiday Wishes event. Volunteers were grouped with one student that their school leaders handpicked, and were able to help the child shop for new clothes and necessities. The event provided food and entertainment to the students in between their shopping sessions as well.

Finally, one of the most impactful events of the year was the Ultimate Backpack Supply Drive. This event aimed to provide underprivileged children with essential school supplies and backpacks filled with educational materials. The program partnered with local businesses and organizations to collect donations and distribute them to students in need. The Ultimate Backpack Supply Drive not only equipped children with the tools they needed to succeed academically, but also showed them that their community cared about their education and future.

The Backbone of Our Outreach: Regular Program Events

Beyond these major events, Synergy Technical's regular initiatives with VCU Athletics and the Richmond Flying Squirrels baseball team played a vital role in sustaining its engagement with the community. These opportunities formed the backbone of the program's efforts to make a lasting difference.

Picture of Synergy Technical Community Outreach Program team with VCU Women's Basketball.

Synergy Technical collaborated with the local university to bring the VCU players and the community closer together. These events not only provided opportunities for the community to engage with some superstars but also allowed the VCU Athletes to have a sense of being able to reach and impact kids who look up to them and maybe want to one day be where they are.

Picture of team from Synergy Technical in partnership with the Richmond Flying Squirrels baseball team and having organized outings for community members.

Another regular program event was supporting the Richmond Flying Squirrels baseball team. Synergy Technical sponsored several games and organized outings for community members to enjoy a day at the ballpark. These events contributed to the local economy and created memories and moments of joy for families and individuals.

Through these regular program events, Synergy Technical ensured that its outreach efforts were consistent and sustainable, making a lasting impact on the community.

Making a Difference: Impact and Support

The heartwarming impact of Synergy Technical's community outreach program was made possible by the incredible support from our staff, volunteers, and the community at large. Together, they created tangible differences in the lives of individuals and the community.

What we have been able to do in the past year has been nothing short of amazing! Synergy has impacted over 5,000 kids and people from all over Virginia, venturing out to our local community and Roanoke, Virginia, and even parts of North Carolina. We have worked with many people-- from children and adults with disabilities, people in disadvantaged situations, and even veterans who are facing homelessness. Our impact has spread throughout the Richmond Community and abroad with a relentless drive and passion for giving back.

Ultimately, the collaboration between volunteers, sponsors, and the community fueled the program's mission. Together, we created a network of support and compassion that uplifted individuals and brought positive change to the community.

Reflecting on a Year of Growth and Compassion

The 2023 Synergy Technical community outreach program was a year filled with growth, compassion, and meaningful connections. Through the major events, regular program initiatives, and the incredible impact and support received, the program experienced significant growth in its ability to make a difference.

As the community outreach program reflected on the year's achievements, it celebrated the growth of its initiatives and the positive impact on the community. The major events brought people together, fostered collaboration, and sparked inspiration, while the reoccurring program events created a sense of consistency and reliability, ensuring that the program's efforts were ongoing and sustainable.

Picture of Synergy Technical team volunteering for an event called Unwrapping Holiday Wishes where volunteers were grouped with one student that their school leaders handpicked, and were able to help the child shop for new clothes and necessities.

The program valued compassion, which was at the core of its outreach. The stories of individuals positively affected by the program's initiatives served as a reminder of its actual impact on people's lives. For example, one child from the Unwrapping Holiday Wishes event mentioned that her mother had passed away the week before, and the things she could purchase might be the only thing she received for the holiday.

Another instance was a moment from our event with enCircle's Minnick School. Together, we created a day for kids to enjoy the last day of school (we call it the enCircle Roanoke Minnick Games). I vividly recall the kids saying this was the best day of their lives. It may seem far-fetched to us, but to them, it meant the world that we took the time to come down and have a day of fun with them. That's why we make it our commitment to serve them.

Continuing to Create a Brighter Future for Our Community

Synergy Technical is so excited about 2024 and looks forward to continuing to create a brighter future for the community! We plan to diversify our efforts and what we offer to our partners. We want to incorporate our expertise and knowledge of technology into our outreach program. We also aim to develop new partnerships, engage more in other communities, and secure additional support from sponsors to amplify its impact.

We recognize that the work to empower and improve our community still needs to be done. There are still challenges to overcome and individuals who need assistance. However, with the collective power and determination of the community, Synergy Technical believes that positive change is possible.

By continuing to work together, Synergy Technical and its partners aim to address pressing issues, empower individuals, and create a community where everyone can thrive. The future holds endless possibilities, and with the program's and its supporters' commitment, a brighter future is within reach.



For more information on Synergy Technical and on our community outreach initiatives, please visit: https://www.synergy-technical.com/outreach 


Levi Stockard III 
Community Engagement & Outreach
Synergy Technical, LLC