GiSTEM Revolutionizes Tomorrow's Tech Leaders

Our Head of Community Engagement, Levi Stockard, shares his experience at GiSTEM's "Thinking Big with Big Data" event, where Synergy Technical was the technical partner.

At Synergy Technical, we're all about technology and how it can shape a brighter future. That's why we were ecstatic to be the technical sponsor for GiSTEM's "Thinking Big with Big Data" event. It was a day of pure wonder, bringing together multiple Richmond city public schools to ignite young imaginations and empower the next generation of tech leaders. Our team was thrilled to give back to our community and show the endless possibilities of technology! 

Picture showing tables, chairs, and setup at the GiSTEM's "Thinking Big with Big Data" event

The "Thinking Big with Big Data" Event  

Let's take a dive into this amazing day. GiSTEM (Girls in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is doing incredible things to empower young girls and underrepresented groups in the tech world. The"Thinking Big with Big Data" event was incredible, held at the Science Museum of Virginia, where students from Richmond city public schools got to experience technology and innovation.

Workshops and OpenAI  

We kicked it up a notch with mind-blowing workshops that introduced students to cutting-edge technologies. GiSTEM was able to take students into the world of OpenAI, where they witnessed the potential of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. It was very exciting to watch AI come to life before their very eyes.

Picture of Synergy Technical booth at GiSTEM event with brochures and swag

Coding for the Future  

And here's where things got fun! Students got hands-on experience with coding, learning to create their own programs and apps. It was like they had the power of technology right at their fingertips. I couldn't help but feel a rush of excitement as these young minds eagerly embraced the world of coding.

Speed Networking

The "Thinking Big with Big Data" event brought students face-to-face with tech professionals through lightning-fast speed networking sessions. It was an incredible opportunity for students to pick the brains of industry experts, ask questions, and get insights into the wide range of thrilling careers in the tech industry. Synergy Technical was thrilled to be part of these sessions, helping students chart their exciting journey into the tech world.

Picture of display and describing what the GiSTEM does

Exploring the Science Museum of Virginia  

In addition to all the already great things GiSTEM’s event featured, students also had access to the mind-blowing exhibits at the Science Museum of Virginia. It was a hands-on adventure that reminded everyone that science and technology aren't just confined to textbooks – they surround us in the most awesome ways! It was pure joy to see these young explorers as they delved into the wonders of science.

Keynote Address by Darrell Booker

One of my favorite parts of the event was the incredible keynote address from Darrell Booker, Microsoft's Leader in Racial Equity in Tech. His speech was an electrifying call to embrace diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Mr. Booker shared his own remarkable journey and encouraged students to dream bigger, work harder, and seize the limitless opportunities available in the tech universe. It was an empowering moment that left hearts soaring and minds buzzing with possibilities.

Picture of delivery team from Synergy Technical helping to deliver to students hands-on experience with coding, learning to create their own programs and apps at the GiSTEM event.

Synergy Technical's Commitment to the Richmond Community

Here's the best part – we're not stopping here!

As the technical sponsor of this event, Synergy Technical is committed to nurturing the next generation of tech luminaries. We believe that every student, no matter where they come from, deserves a chance to explore the thrilling world of technology and discover their incredible potential. Our partnership with GiSTEM's "Thinking Big with Big Data" event reflects our ongoing commitment to education and community outreach.

The "Thinking Big with Big Data" event, powered by GiSTEM, was an absolute blast! We ignited sparks of curiosity, inspired young minds, and opened doors to a world of infinite possibilities in technology. We're honored to have been part of this extraordinary initiative and can't wait to keep igniting the flames of tech brilliance in tomorrow's leaders. Together, we'll build a brighter, more inclusive future for the tech industry and beyond!



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