#SynergyWrapped – Our 2022 Community Impact

If you’ve been keeping up with Synergy Technical at all this year, it’s no secret that we have been out and about in our community making an impact where it matters most. Between the hiring of a full-time community engagement coordinator, our partnership with VCU Athletics, and our 26+ nonprofit partners, we have been making a coordinated effort to bring good into our world. 

2,880 – miles traveled. From North Carolina to Missouri to our great home state of Virginia, we’ve traveled far and wide to generate change. Our furthest distance traveled was 1,644 miles to speak at Prepared: The Gateway to the Northwest. 

59 – appearances by collegiate athletes at our community engagement events. Adding Division 1 athletes to our roster doesn’t just benefit the athletes; our community partners love interacting with local legends. Superstar Ace Baldwin from VCU Men’s Basketball had this to say about his involvement with Synergy Technical’s community engagement program: “It’s magic. You really can’t explain it.” We appreciate the athletes working with us in their (very limited) free time, and it’s even more special that they’re giving back to the community that loves them. 

31 – events. This year our team coached basketball camps, drew Rodney the Ram, and played lots of Duck Duck Goose all in the name of community service! We love that we are empowered to dedicate so much time to outreach. 

1600+ tickets to local sporting events handed out. As part of our collaboration with VCU and nonprofits, we frequently invite our community partners to games to see the athletes that visited them bring it in competition. Synergy Technical is full of sports fans, but the veterans from Liberation Veterans Services gave us a run for our money with their knowledge of sports and spirited cheering. 

1000+ local individuals impacted through our community outreach efforts.  While numbers don’t show the full picture, we are so grateful to know we have made a lasting impact throughout the region. Our Community Engagement Coordinator, Levi Stockard, shines in the little moments that create memories for everyone involved with our community partners. He is the secret behind our impact, and we are grateful to have him onboard.   

As many people look back on the ups and downs of 2022, Synergy Technical is honored to have helped create so many positive memories and stories to look back on as we end the year. More importantly, we are also looking forward to 2023 and planning to generate even more impact. Since its start in 2011, CEO Ro Meade has always had a focus on creating good. Anyone who has been with us for a while may remember our slogan “We Do Good Work.” This is especially evident in this quote from an employee who has been passionate about this program since she joined half a decade ago.  

It was a privilege to witness the impact our Community Outreach team had in the region this past year. They truly embodied Synergy Technical's company mission of compassion, community involvement and growth. I have no doubt that our volunteers made a memorable and lasting impact and hope this initiative inspires others to give back.” 

We hope you have a happy and healthy holiday season and look forward to furthering our impact in the new year.