What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a flexible and secure public cloud that is built for the modern business. Users have access to a variety of integrated services that support many languages and operating systems. The integrated services provided by Azure include Virtual Machines, App Service, and Site Recovery among plenty of others.

  • Virtual Machines allow the user to have full control over their designated server in the cloud. Users can install and run software at their own discretion. Virtual Machines allow for advanced configuration among multiple machines with different roles to create complex solutions.

  • Azure App Service provides developers with a solution for creating enterprise-grade web and mobile app experiences. With the complete platform of App Service, developers are enabled to deploy and elastically scale applications, such as GitHub, in the cloud.

  • Azure Site Recovery orchestrates automated replication, failover, and recovery of workloads and applications so that they will be available from a secondary location in case the primary location goes down. These policies can be set and controlled by the organization itself.

The services highlighted above detail just a few integrated services provided by Microsoft Azure. Click and expand the infographic below to see a full list of the ever-expanding catalog of services and their benefits.

Download Infographic Here