Our CEO is an Inspire PRO

Microsoft Inspire begins July 14th and we wouldn't miss it! Our CEO, Rohana Meade, and Synergy Technical Executives plan to take Vegas by storm.

For those of you that don't know, Microsoft Inspire is an annual conference where partners meet to connect, collaborate, and celebrate as one community. Direction for the new year is unveiled and we're given insider access that drives real business growth.

This year Rohana was featured in a blog post by the Microsoft US Partner Team - "Microsoft Inspire 2019: 10 questions with Rohana Meade, President and CEO at Synergy Technical." The title is pretty self-explanatory...click the link to read the full interview.

A few takeaways:

  1. FUN FACT: Synergy Technical has been a Microsoft Partner since its inception in 2011. We were a "born in the cloud" partner.

  2. This will be the 7th consecutive Microsoft Inspire Rohana has attended.

  3. Inspire is a crucial place to forge business connections, know where your company excels and seek out other partners that can help grow the rest.

  4. Remote attendance IS possible!

  5. Pace yourself, it can overwhelming the first time so review the overall schedule and decide in advance what you want to attend. Prioritize the CoreNote sessions!

If you can attend, great. If not, Synergy Technical has you covered. Trust that we know the latest and greatest in Microsoft innovation - every time.