Even the dog didn't recognize me...

Last night I flew in from Atlanta after delivering my second “Microsoft 365 Technical Series: Security & Compliance” event this week. After 4 days on the road, the dog growled at me when I crawled into bed.


I’ll be doing my 3rd in Philadelphia next week, and if security or compliance are your jam(s), you should come! We spend a whole day hands-on with Microsoft’s security workloads in an immersive environment showing the art of the possible, and we back those workloads up with a healthy dose of compliance controls and features. It’s more fun than it probably sounds, and there’s food (except when there’s not—sorry about breakfast, Atlanta!).

We start with a short deck and an overview of the current state of digital transformation, the digital estate, the attack landscape (both today and over time), and the compliance landscape. From there we jump straight in to the immersion experience, starting at a high level with “where do I even get started” with security and compliance, and using those springboards to head straight into security workloads around identity, devices, apps, and data.

While the immersion schedule is supposed to run from 10 am – 1 pm, so far in both events it’s gone all the way to the end of the scheduled time at 3 pm, including jamming out on bonus workloads through lunch.

You have specific security questions about Microsoft 365? Bring ‘em! I can’t promise I’ll have the answer for you on the spot, but we’ll do our best to get it, and we have the benefit of having Microsoft Compliance experts in the room for when we get deep in the weeds.

If you do miss this round, don’t worry: I have a feeling we’ll be doing a second round of these fairly soon. I know I can’t wait!

Register here for our Security & Compliance Immersion Experience in Philly on May 23rd!