Be flexible

the quality of bending easily without breaking.
"players gained improved flexibility in their ankles"
synonyms: pliability, suppleness, pliancy, malleability, moldability, stretchability, workability, limberness, ductility, plasticity...
the ability to be easily modified.


"I enjoyed the flexibility of the schedule"

willingness to change or compromise.

"the government has shown flexibility in applying its policy"


Companies today are changing at an amazing pace.

Most of this change involves IT at some level. This requires IT organizations to have flexible licensing models to be prepared for these changes. A Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) agreement provides exactly that.

With CSP you can add/remove or change your licensing mix at any time.

You are billed monthly only for what you use. No long-term commitments or contracts. Simply pick the licenses you need as you need them. Some older agreement types were multi-year agreements that locked you into a specific product mix. Those agreements didn’t allow for attrition very well either. With CSP these are no longer problems.

CSP agreements have a few other benefits that customers should be aware of. CSP agreements include access to a Microsoft Premier agreement for cloud related support tickets. If you have ever had a bad standard support experience you will really appreciate Microsoft Premier. Keep in mind this is included with your CSP agreement.

CSP also helps with cash flow. With other types of agreements, you pay a large lump sum at the beginning of each year. With the monthly billing that CSP provides, it can positively impact cash flow.

If you feel like flexibility is important in your organization, reach out to us and we can talk about ways to get there.