Azure Information Protection

Moving to the cloud introduces new challenges for keeping your organization secure. IT must find the right balance of supporting cloud access while maintaining control to protect critical data.

Azure Information Protection (AIP) is a cloud-based solution that enables organizations to classify and protect documents and emails by applying labels. Labels can be applied:

  • Automatically by administrators using rules and conditions

  • Manually by users

  • By a combination where administrators define the recommendations shown to users

For example, your administrator might configure a label with rules that detect sensitive data, such as credit card information. In this case, any user who saves credit card information in a Word file might see a tooltip at the top of the document with a recommendation to apply the relevant label for this scenario.

Labels can both classify, and optionally protect your documents, enabling you to: 

  • Track and control how your content is used

  • Analyze data flows to gain insight into your business - Detect risky behaviors and take corrective measures

  • Track document access and prevent data leakage or misuse

  • And more ...

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