Happy DECADE to us!

If I could describe this company in three words, it would be "full speed ahead."

Before packing up at the end of my first day at Synergy Technical, I copied an old quote onto a sticky note, stuck it to my whiteboard, and 4 years later it's still there:


If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you're not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later."– Richard Branson


In my first day alone, I realized nothing could better describe the enthusiasm, drive, speed, and compassion of this company.

The people here encompass such a mix of personalities, lifestyles, hobbies...but in this space the one thing we bond most over is competition. We live for it, strive for it, are almost addicted to it. We put the same heart into our work that we do into life. And I truly believe that is the secret to our success. We care. We live and breathe technology, but if it's not right for you then we'll tell you so. It's the relationships we care about, not the transactions.

Synergy Technical is an amazing nerdy tech team that pre-COVID had built its own kind of comradely that made everyone excited to walk into work every morning.

You've got people like our dear Sharon who would be in the office before most of us were even awake.

You can hear Matt coming long before you see him. The Tom Petty cover-drummer whistles or taps on anything he can get his hands on.

If you smell fresh-brewing coffee just look to Ken's huge design corner where he manually French-presses his own coffee every morning and afternoon (grinds the beans and all).

You never know how Adrian miss going to get to work – you can hear the freehub pawls of his bike clicking as he walks it in, still wearing full kit, or he's in thick motorcycle leather, or he's driving a cute blue mom-mobile covered in stickers.

Every major life achievement, whether work-related or not, is shared and celebrated. And honestly that's how we survived COVID; miscellaneous Microsoft Teams life updates, pet posts, random jokes of the day, etc.

But that's why Synergy Technical is so great. The people. And I can back up that statement! Before the 10-year anniversary, the team was asked what their favorite thing about the company was, and I've included a few of my favorites below.

What is your favorite thing about Synergy Technical – whether as a whole, as a community, or its company culture?

"My favorite thing about Synergy Technical is the people. Everyone is so different and unique that it makes us whole as a company. Ro has made Synergy Technical feel like a home away from home."

"I can't count how often Ro comes walking out of her office saying, "the craziest thing just happened!" and in my head I'm thinking, oh snap, here we go again! I never know what we're doing next, but I know whatever it is will bring huge adventure."

"My favorite thing is definitely the people - we are a hard-working crew, but people are generous in helping out and great fun to work with. I've had the privilege of working with Ro for many years and what stands out is her fearlessness and trust and support for her people. She expects excellence but trusts you and will always have your back and will jump into the trenches to help the team out regardless of the issue or task. Could not be prouder to be a part of this company!"

"It doesn't matter what you're doing, all of Synergy Technical will be there to support you. Whether it's as niche as an underwater basket-weaving competition, or a small work-related goal like posting your first blog, this company has your back."

"Synergy Technical takes care of its people. Ro has built a company culture surrounding compassion, support, and fun! Employees always show up for one another, even at 6am to cheer a coworker on at a race."

"It's not what the vision is, it's what the vision does" – thought this quote was apt for us. 10 years ago, the vision was absolutely forward thinking, but I think what's more important is how this vision has impacted the customers we've worked with and how it has empowered them to achieve their long-term goals."

"The crew! To plagiarize a popular restaurant chain's slogan, "when you're here, you're family!"

"Ro has assembled an amazing team of people who are driven and dedicated to giving our customers the best cloud experience around. I tell our clients we have T-shirts that say, "we do good work" and that we'd like to think we live up to those expectations! And that work wouldn't be done without our team making the magic happen. I consider myself really fortunate to be able to work alongside this team and I appreciate your work environment overall."

"Synergy Technical has such a great heart. Joining the team has been amazing. I'm looking forward to what the future has for us. I'm excited to see us grow together in business and life!"

If you had asked me 10 years ago if I would be working for a tech start-up I would've laughed. Our team learned very quickly that technology and I do not get along - there's even a tally taped above the printer on how many times I've broken it.

I didn't join this company because I knew anything about technology. I didn't join it because I thought it was going to be a massive Microsoft asset/partner/success... (which I would say we definitely are!)

I took a job after a 45-minute phone call with a woman I hadn't talked to in years because it was obvious she had a vision. She knew what she needed.

She didn't pitch the job like I should be honored to work for a company that was going places, she made me feel like what I had to offer would help her get it there. And she was right (although if you know Ro you know she would've found a way to get it there on her own anyway).

Going back to Richard Branson's quote, this company and these people embody the idea that you can learn new tricks anytime, anyplace. And our CEO has built a team of people that have the ability to do so.

Synergy Technical takes the same approach to every new product launch, client, or challenge. If we can't do it either we learn it for we're honest and we help you find someone who can. If we can't, we own it, hone it, and perfect it almost to an obsessive degree so that we can deliver the highest level of service every time.

Our company motto is "Secure. Transform. Empower." I could say the cliche marketing verbiage I use in all of our brochures but as much as that's our motto, mission, vision, whatever, it's most importantly the foundation and core principles of who we are as a team and a family.

  • Secure: we protect and secure our own, and make sure they're okay in everyway
  • Transform: Synergy helps you realize skills you didn't even know you had and helps you grow in every aspect of life, work-related or not
  • Empower: I mean...self-explanatory?

The Synergy family really is in I.T. for the long run. Happy 10th birthday Synergy Technical.