A new solution for today's hybrid workforce

  • Persistent integration between the cloud and PC operating system for a fluid and consistent experience
  • Unified security and identity management from the cloud to the device, even on a personal device
  • Seamless computer and storage hand-offs that can rapidly scale to meet your needs
  • The ability to work offline and instantly re-sync when connected

What is the Windows 365 Cloud PC?

In a Meeting-Aug-30-2021-08-25-28-48-AM
Windows 365 created a new hybrid personal computing category called Cloud PC, which uses both the power of the cloud and the capabilities of the device to provide a full, personalized Windows experience
  • The apps and content, you need, whercever you go
  • Consistent settings and scalable storage across devices
  • Compute options for different users
  • Integrated unified security and identity management