Gain identity protection & security with Defender for Identity

An employee using Microsoft Defender for Identity security alerts to investigate suspicious activities in the organization

What is Defender for Identity?

Defender for Identity in Microsoft Defender XDR is a cloud-based security solution that learns, analyzes, and identifies normal and suspicious identity behavior within your organization. It uses your on-premises Active Directory data to identify, detect, and investigate advanced threats, compromised identities, and malicious insider actions directed at your organization. This means that while an attack may go unnoticed for quite some time, Defender for Identity can detect and report threats in just minutes so you can have more peace of mind while you focus on what's most important–your business.

What can you do with Defender for Identity?

Bolster your defenses with Microsoft Defender for Identity posture assessments

Identify configuration vulnerabilities & get recommendations for resolving them with identity posture assessments that are displayed in Microsoft Secure Score.

Identify threats quickly & accurately with Microsoft Defender for Identity security alerts

Security alerts explain the suspicious activities detected by sensors on your network, & the actors & computers involved in each threat.

Highlight the identities most at risk in Microsoft Defender XDR

Combine insights from on-premises & cloud identities to get a user investigation priority score based on observed behavior & number of prior incidents.

Immediately respond to compromised identities with Defender for Identity action accounts

Take remediation actions by immediately restricting identities confirmed as compromised so they can't persist in your organization or be further exploited.

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How can Defender for Identity help your organization?

Security IT team using Microsoft Defender for Identity to find suspicious activities Defender for Identity helping Security IT team get insights into suspicious activities and events, revealing the advanced threats, compromised users, and insider threats facing the organization

Monitor & profile user behavior & activities

Defender for Identity monitors and analyzes user activities and information across your network, including permissions and group membership, creating a behavioral baseline for each user. Defender for Identity then identifies anomalies with adaptive built-in intelligence.

Microsoft Defender for Identity protecting organization from compromised identities, advanced threats, and malicious insider actions.

Investigate alerts & user activities

Defender for Identity is designed to reduce general alert noise, providing only relevant, important security alerts in a simple, real-time organizational attack timeline. Use the attack timeline view and the intelligence of smart analytics to stay focused on what matters. Also, quickly investigate threats, and gain insights across the organization for users, devices, and network resources.

Security IT team using Defender for Identity security reports to help identify users and devices that authenticate using clear-text passwords. Security IT team using Defender for Identity security reports to get extra insights into how to improve security posture and policies. Employee working remote securely thanks to Defender for Identity protecting the AD FS by detecting on-premises attacks and providing visibility into authentication events generated by the AD FS

Protect user identities & reduce the attack surface

Microsoft Defender for Identity provides insights on identity configurations and suggested security best practices. Through security reports and user profile analytics, Defender for Identity helps reduce your organizational attack surface, making it harder to compromise user credentials and advance an attack.

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Microsoft Defender for Identity is a part of Microsoft Defender XDR, an enterprise defense suite that protects against advanced cyberattacks.

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Microsoft FastTrack Ready Partner

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Cloud Immersion Experience facilitators

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Our proven experience

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