The happiest day of a PC owner's life…

The two happiest days in owning a computer are when you first receive it and when you replace it. Think about it. When you get that new computer, you un-box it, hook it up, and press the start button. For the most part the PC starts, installs drivers and new patches, and within an hour you’re able to log in. From that point forward however the PC’s performance starts to corrode. Among the first issues affecting performance are the installation of unnecessary applications, and the running of services that are not needed. Why is this? The PC supplier wants you to have a good experience so they build you a generic PC with everything enabled and running. Unfortunately this slows your PC. So even on the first day your PC isn’t running at its best performance for YOUR needs.

As your PC ages, it doesn’t get any better. Log files and temp directories start to grow, unnecessary patches are installed, more services are started that are not needed, spam and viruses can overtake the PC, and a whole host of other issues that are difficult to diagnose start to degrade the performance even further. If you’re tech savvy, you may recognize the signs and minimize the impact. For those that are not technical, the downward spiral is unrecognized and over time causes great frustration.

This is not different in the business environment. People are excited to get a new PC, but over time the performance quickly degrades to a point where it is counterproductive. I have seen circumstances where it took 5 minutes for a PC start-up to reach a point where it is usable. And once the PC was usable, there were so many unneeded applications installed on it, performance problems were further compounded.

Needless to say a PC is difficult and time consuming to manage. A PC requires constant monitoring and management by a skilled technician to ensure longevity and optimal performance.

At Synergy Technical, we can eliminate your PC frustrations by moving your desktop computing environment (not your PC) into a controlled facility. The environment is highly customized to meet your business needs and maintain the necessary security and performance standards.

The point is we work hard to ensure your desktop provides you the most productive, most secure, simplest, and most cost effective computing environment. Utilizing the latest advances in technology, we are able to ensure a high level of performance.