Security and Governance in the Real World

A live webinar series

Today, more people are working from home than ever before, and many organizations had little choice but to become a distributed workforce overnight. You've enabled this remote workforce. Is it time to think about security and governance?


Register now for our Security and Governance in the Real World webinar series, where a consultant certified in multiple cloud solutions will walk you through everyday scenarios of security issues we've seen in real world cases. 

Session 1 - MCAS & Azure Information Protection

Thursday, June 18th

12 PM - 1 PM EST

Live Teams Meeting

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Scenarios covered in the workshop:

For compliance reasons, I cannot have unapproved cloud applications within my environment. How do I find those and restrict access to them?

I have specific file types that for compliance or business reasons cannot be saved to the public cloud. I don't want them saved to OneDrive, SharePoint, or sent via email. How do I block that?

I want content to be auto-classified as for restricted use if it contains specific keywords or phrases. This tagging should follow no matter where the content lives - on my PC, on my phone, in email, on OneDrive, in SharePoint. 

Work. Protected.


Identity & Access Management

Ensure accounts are authenticated prior to granting access to your organization's business-critical data.


Security Management

Get the full picture of your security position across your organization with built-in intelligence.


Information Protection

Easily implement flexible data classification methods based on cybersecurity needs. 


Threat    Protection

Detect suspicious behavior and malicious activities, then respond to breaches quickly.

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