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Envision and embrace a

new culture of work

On average, only 15% of employees worldwide are actually engaged. And research

has proven that companies who invest more time and effort in human capital are

significantly more profitable.


Why do you need a teamwork assessment?

Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork in Office 365 brings collaboration and communication tools together in one place. It increases profitability by helping users focus on work rather than applications. With a versatile remote desktop that allows you to work from your pc, phone, or tablet, enterprise security and compliance, and custom integrations for your business processes, this Microsoft solution provides your organization with tools that make it easy to be engaged.

The Microsoft 365 Teamwork Assessment is a deep-dive into an organization's business and IT needs on several layers. It analyzes how you can improve teamwork, create a more flexible workforce, and deliver enhanced security by implementing Microsoft Teams.

Included in the workshop



  • Evaluate your existing collaboration and communication tools and explore business priorities and IT readiness



  • Create an immersive experience that tackles your identified business needs to illustrate what’s possible with Microsoft 365 Teams



  • Deliver an actionable roadmap that provides recommendations for digitally transforming your workplace

Our Deliverables Include:

  • A high-level assessment of how and where implementing Teams can improve your workforce’s productivity

  • Recommendations for early adopter “proof of concept” teams – consider this the low hanging fruit

  • A defined action plan for rolling Teams out in a secure and manageable fashion