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Are you GDPR compliant?

Do you need to be?

Many organizations struggle to understand whether they are required to be

GDPR compliant and how to do so. The journey to GDPR compliance starts

with understanding the cybersecurity maturity of your organization’s people,

processes, and technology.

Providing clarity and consistency

for the protection of personal data

The GDPR Assessment is designed to provide organizations with guidance on successfully implementing Microsoft security solutions to become GDPR compliant.

During this assessment, we will determine whether your organization qualifies under GDPR, its current compliance status, and the actionable next steps necessary to become and remain fully compliant.


Assessment Objectives


Objectives Overview

  • Gain a common understanding of compliance objectives and determine the current state of your personal data security


Assess Maturity Level & Identify Gaps

  • Complete detailed assessment questionnaire structured around four vital areas of cybersecurity maturity


Build Customized Roadmap

  • Provide a prioritized and actionable GDPR remediation checklist and roadmap ready for legal review

Assessment Outcome:

Your organization will know and understand your GDPR maturity level and current compliance status. Deliverables will include an Executive Summary containing the results of the assessment questionnaire as well as detailed insights into each of the four themes and a full list of recommendations including Microsoft product suggestions and a comprehensive and actionable list of next steps.​