Become proactive in your

Operations Management

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Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) is a Cloud-based SaaS monitoring

and management solution for any IT environment. OMS advises you how to

ensure the availability, security, compliance, and performance of your IT


Accessible, usable, and valuable

You see servers and devices, apps and logs, traffic and clouds. We see data everywhere. OMS offers Microsoft's leading platform for Operational Intelligence. It empowers operations with best practice knowledge. Reading machine data, OMS then compares it to Microsoft's knowledge base and advises you with insights to make your company more productive, profitable, competitive, and secure. 

OMS solution benefits


IT Service Intelligence

OMS Insights & Analytics enables you to collect, correlate, and visualize any data in rich dashboards, dependency maps, and diagnostic views.


Enterprise Security

OMS Security & Audit Solution helps you perform forensic analysis, security breach pattern investigations, and enables audit scenarios.


User Behavior Analytics

OMS Anti-malware Assessment Solution helps you identify servers that are infected or at increased risk of infection by malware.