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Give your data an extra level of security with Multi-Factor Authentication


Today, people can access their accounts and applications from anywhere and stay

connected at any time. Azure Active Directory Premium and Multi-Factor

Authentication is an easy to use, scalable, and reliable solution that provides a

second method of authentication to protect your users. 


Why multi-factor authentication is safer

Azure MFA is Microsoft's two-step verification solution that safeguards access to your organization's data and applications while meeting user demand for a simple sign-in process. It delivers strong authentication via a range of verification methods such as a combination of something you know (typically a password), something you have (a trusted device), or something you are (biometrics).

How multi-factor authentication can help


More Security

With Fewer Hoops

  • Safeguard access to your employees sensitive data and apps

  • Get strong authentication with a range of easy verification options


Mitigate Threats

In Real-Time

  • Protect your business and identify inconsistent sign-in patterns

  • Live alerts notify your IT team of suspicious account credentials


Deploy On-Premises

& On Azure

  • Secure remote access apps using RADIUS & LDAP authentication

  • Available with AAD Premium & thousands of SaaS apps