Manage your complex

environment with Intune

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Today, employees expect the freedom to access their work email and documents

from anywhere on any device. Microsoft Intune gives your organization a diverse

set of tools for managing your complex mobile environment. 

Why Intune?

Intune's innovative combination of mobile application management and device management options gives you flexibility in how you manage and secure mobile productivity in your organization. Intune helps you be precise about what data difference users can access, as well as what they can do within Office and other mobile apps. 

How Intune can help




Set policies that ensure only the right people can access your data and enforce those policies based on conditions that can be specified.


Manage At A

Granular Level

Enforce conditional access policies for Exchange, SharePoint, etc. as well as enable multi-identity app usage by applying data security policies.




Simplify Windows 10 device provisioning/management in the cloud and end the cycle of maintaining and updating on-premises servers.