Adapt to the changing nature of cybersecurity

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Did you know that on average an attacker resides within a network for 243 days

before being detected? Reduce your risk of costly damage and get all the

information you need with a solution that provides you a real-time view of the

attack timeline.

What is Advanced Threat Analytics?

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) provides built-in artificial intelligence to learn, analyze, and identify normal and suspicious device behavior within your organization. This means that while an attack may go unnoticed for quite some time, ATA can detect and report advanced threats in just minutes so you can have more peace of mind while you focus on what's most important - your business.

What suspicious activities are detected?



Reconnaissance, during which attackers gather information on how the environment is built, what the different assets are, and which entities exist. Typically, this is where attackers build plans for their next phases of attack.


Lateral Movement Cycle

Lateral movement cycle, during which an attacker invests time and effort in spreading their attack surface inside your network.


Domain Dominance

Domain dominance (persistence), during which an attacker captures the information that allows them to resume their campaign using various sets of entry points, credentials, and techniques.