Take control of your backups

with Azure Backup

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Azure Backup is the service you can use to back up (or protect) and restore your

data in the Microsoft cloud. Azure Backup replaces your existing on-premises or

off-site backup solution with a cloud-based solution that is reliable, secure, and


Why use Azure Backup?

Traditional backup solutions have evolved to treat the cloud as an endpoint, or static storage destination, similar to disks or tape. While this approach is simple, it is limited and doesn't take full advantage of an underlying cloud platform, which translates to an expensive, inefficient solution.

Key features


Automatic Storage Management

  • Hybrid environments often require heterogeneous storage - some on-premises and some in the cloud.

  • With Azure Backup, there is no cost for using on-premises storage devices.

  • Azure Backup automatically allocates and manages backup storage, and it uses a pay-as-you-use model.

  • Pay-as-you-use means that you only pay for the storage that you consume.




  • Azure Backup uses the underlying power and unlimited scale of the Azure cloud to deliver high-availability.

  • No maintenance or monitoring overhead.

  • Set up alerts to provide information about events.

  • No need to worry about high-availability for your data in the cloud.



Storage Options

  • Locally redundant storage (LRS) replicates your data three times in a storage scale unit in a datacenter. 

  • Geo-redundant storage (GRS) is the default and recommended replication option. GRS replicates your data to a secondary region (hundreds of miles away from the primary location of the source data).