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Accelerate your nonprofit mission

with Office 365 

Your employees are critical to the success of your organization. They are

creative and empathetic, and have a deep passion for your organization’s

mission. Although technology alone is not the answer, it can play a

powerful role in providing your staff with the tools and infrastructure to be

successful and stay focused on the work that matters most: your mission.



Provide your nonprofit with tools that are powerful, mobile, and secure 

By moving your nonprofit to Office 365, you can empower your employees by giving them valuable tools and technologies to help them scale their efforts and stay connected to your nonprofit mission. Learn how your organization can overcome constraints and challenges with Office 365.

Synergy Technical can provide a readiness assessment of your environment to help your nonprofit make the move to Office 365. You can get nonprofit pricing, PLUS - you get greater flexibility, better support, and the ability to increase or decrease your licensing counts as they make sense for your business.

How Synergy Technical can help


Keep everyone connected

  • Connect your teams from around the world with video conferencing, instant messaging and team collaboration sites

  • Improve efficiency and coordination between employees with a single set of easy-to-use, integrated collaboration tools



Collaboration on any device

  • Make it easier for your employees to collaborate on their terms using file sharing and co-authoring capabilities on any device

  • With the flexibility to work online with remote file sharing, your teams can access board reports and grant applications anywhere, anytime



Keep your data safe

  • Ensure security, compliance, and privacy are met with the first cloud-based productivity service to use security frameworks based on ISO standards