Data doesn't care who's looking at it, and users are often too busy to secure it

properly, if they even have the means to secure it at all. You need trackable,

revocable protection that travels with your corporate data. 

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It's 10 o'clock. Do you know where your data is? 

Do you have the right protections?

Encryption alone may be too much tool for one file, and the wrong solution for another. The right design will allow flexibility to empower business productivity while keeping prying eyes out, and may include automation to let users focus more on work and less on security. 

Our Information Protection engagement


Identify Key Workloads

& Data Types

Knowing what to protect and how it impacts your business is critical to building a cohesive information strategy. 


Define Policies

& Tags

Enabling flexibility ensures that general communications are not encumbered by the same rigid requirements as HR documents. 




Information Protection is disruptive by design. Leverage automation, where possible, to let users focus on work.