Who are your

Firstline Workers?

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2 billion employees are in roles that make them the first point of contact between

a company and the world it serves. Members of this workforce may include

cashiers, customer service representatives, healthcare providers and construction

teams.  Simply put, they are the backbone of every major industry.

Want to get ahead of your competitors?

A high performing culture is about results, driven by employee empowerment, engagement, and passion for what the company does.


Nowhere is this more important than with your Firstline Workforce. 

In a word - they are First


To engage with your customer


To represent

your brand


To see your products

in action

Imagine the Possibilities

These employees are the heartbeat of your organization. Businesses often neglect the challenges that their Firstline Workers face on an everyday basis. What companies need to understand is that empowering these workers ultimately improves the bottom line.

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  • Shop Floor Workers

  • Warehouse Workers

  • Service Technicians

  • Maintenance Workers

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  • Cashiers

  • Sales associates

  • Store managers

  • Warehouse operators

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  • Engineers

  • Construction Workers

  • Site managers

  • Architects

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  • Front of house staff

  • Customer service

  • Event staff

  • Housekeepers

Challenges faced by workers

  • Managing schedules and tasks

  • Onboarding and training

  • Communications between managers, supervisors, and employees

  • Lack of communication with the home office

  • Limited technology that is often outdated and unsafe

  • Access to messaging tools

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How Synergy Technical can help

Engage employees and

foster community

  • Give your employees technologies like Yammer, Teams and StaffHub to foster brand awareness, mission and vision

  • Coordinate distributed workers using Teams


Create greater operational efficiency and improved productivity

  • By working with you to enable Microsoft StaffHub, you can give your employees real time access to schedules and information.

  • Share best practices with Yammer and Teams.

  • Reduce turnover costs by enabling SharePoint, Yammer and Teams for on-boarding materials.


Secure your information

  • By implementing Azure AD and Azure Information protection, we can help you ensure that communications and content shared with your Firstline workforce is secure

How to get started


Engage us for a Business Value Assessment

  • Proven financial model

  • Model the current state of Firstline workforce

  • Estimate the costs and benefits of implementing solutions to further empower firstline workers 


Conduct a Firstline Workers pilot engagement

  • Identify key user groups for pilot

  • Identify metrics for measuring success

  • Identify "quick wins"

  • Pilot one or more key workloads to "prove out" the value of firstline worker enablement


Deploy to the entire organization

  • Single or multi-phased rollout

  • Transform your firstline workers untapped potential