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Experience the power of productivity

through a Cloud Immersion Experience

Our Cloud Immersion Experience is a hands-on introduction to Microsoft's suite of

productivity tools. We take you through everyday business situations, such as working

remotely, analyzing sales data and collaborating with coworkers, and show you how

Microsoft products make it all easy, convenient and secure. 

Why Should You Attend a CIE?

Participating in a CIE is the best way to learn about business productivity tools and technologies without sales pressure. Sessions are led by a trained facilitator and designed to be interactive, experiential and fun. These sessions are designed for 5-10 participants who are typically business users, IT personnel, and other people who use technology. 

You'll experience work, reimagined.



Explore how a streamlined user experience across tablets, PCs and smartphones makes it easier than ever to stay productive on the go.



See how newsfeeds, blogs and other social features can help you break through silos, onboard new employees and improve communication. 



Discover a personalized experience that goes where you go, giving you access to Office apps and important documents anywhere, anytime.  



Learn how to keep your organization safe by protecting sensitive information and meeting regulatory compliance requirements. 

Want to find out more?

Talk to us today to get a Cloud Immersion Experience scheduled that is tailored to address the challenges that your organization faces.