Reflecting On My Time as a Synergy Technical Intern

As the festivities of graduation come to a close, I have taken some time to reflect on my past year interning at Synergy Technical. When I began my internship a year ago, I had just finished my junior year at JMU and first year in the College of Business, including completing JMU’s rigorous first semester in the business school titled COB 300. This is an integrated semester working in a cross-disciplinary team tasked with developing a viable business plan. After, I started focusing on my major and minor classes of Marketing and Economics. Luckily, I received the opportunity to work alongside the marketing team at Synergy Technical.

Picture of our intern, Rachel

At the time, I had little knowledge about all of the technology that goes into the cloud and was a little intimidated by all of the wildly intelligent people who make up Synergy Technical. This quickly changed as everyone was cheering for my success and I was put to work with hands-on marketing experience. Over the span of my time at Synergy Technical, I completed many tasks that I am proud of, including getting my Microsoft Fundamentals Certification in July. Similarly, much of my work went hand in hand with my course work at JMU.

Here are a couple examples of how my work at Synergy Technical enhanced things I learned in the College of Business: 

  • At Synergy I had the opportunity to produce reports based on social media and website analytics as a tool to measure the company’s progress and success. I worked with platforms such as Google Analytics, LinkedIn Analytics, HubSpot analytics, and Power BI to put together weekly and monthly reports to share with the team. This prepared me immensely for my marketing analytics course where we worked with real-time analytics to provide companies with insights into the future trajectory of their work.  
  • As a marketing major at JMU we take a class called Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) where we reviewed all the different types of channels needed to market a product and connect with customers successfully. One thing we talked about in depth was a customer relationship management system (CRM). I worked daily at Synergy on our internal CRM, maintaining accounts and contacts with up-to-date information and managing campaign lists. Not only did I feel prepared to undertake this task at Synergy, but I felt informed on how this was immensely helping the marketing team. 

Interning at Synergy Technical gave me an abundance of exposure to marketing and life in the professional world. It prepared me for my senior year curriculum and helped me develop my skill set and passions. Although I’m sad to be leaving Synergy, I will be taking with me everything I’ve learned on my next adventure at The Martin Agency. In my next position as an Account Coordinator, I will be utilizing the skills that I have gained through my experience here. I will be combining my creative and professional backgrounds that I developed here to act as a liaison between creatives and clients. I will miss everyone here at Synergy, but most importantly our daily walks to Starbucks or down Monument.  



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